Things to consider when building…

Set of Plans

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations

Site Information and Plot Plan

  • Legal Description
  • Purchase Price, terms (if acquired within past two years)

Signed Contract between Borrower(s) and General Contractor

Description of Materials

  • We accept AIA Documentation or forms deemed acceptable by the Bank. HUD forms are available online.

Schedule of Sub-Contractors

  • Who's working on your new home
  • Tax reporting made easy - Let the bank do it.

Lien Waivers

  • Avoid having to pay twice

Current Montana Lien Law

Construction Loan Information — Time Schedules

Payments and Disbursements

  • Let Glacier Bank pay your bills
  • Let Glacier Bank do your 1099 year-end reporting
  • Let Glacier Bank help reconcile your budget

Cost Overruns

Change Orders

  • Who's responsible for the payment for the changes


  • Let us monitor your project with payments made

The "Banks" role

Contractor or Borrower(s)/ Owner(s) acting as a General Contractor